The CE Method

Your Brand Story Experience

     From checking customers in at a front desk to interviewing top minds of the fashion, tourism, and hospitality industries to constructing brand standards for fortune 500 companies to being in charge of customer experiences for luxury and non-luxury brands to running other’s businesses to running one of my own - I know what it takes to build a brand. More than that I understand the steps to take and the processes needed to go through in order to be a brand your ideal client trusts. And more than that, I know what works in a client experience and what does not. In order to create a brand your new loyal customer trusts, you need to have three things: a story, a message, and a narrative. 

Step 1: Craft Your Brand Story 

Who are you and what is your story? 

You were someone before starting your own business. And that person has a story to tell.

More than that you set out on your entrepreneurial journey to help solve a problem.

What problem are you trying to solve?

What makes you happy? What frustrates you within your industry? 

Your story is your identity. It is your history and it only belongs to you. Together we will uncover who your personal brand is and how it helps tell the story of your professional brand.

Step 2: Home In On Your Brand Message 

Next, we focus on your factor! AKA your brand message.

Do your brand's core values correlate to the pain/problem of your ideal customer?

Is your brand story effectively telling the story of how you solve this?

Is it telling it in a way your ideal customer wants to be a part of? 

Your message is what you and your brand story stand for. In a saturated market, your message, and how it is delivered is what will set you apart. We want to tell it in a way that is easy and digestible for your ideal client to connect with your values and mission.

Step 3: Customizing Your Brand Narrative

Now that your customer trusts you and your brand, what does their life look like?

How are you continuing to engage with them after their purchase and ensure the trust lasts?

And most importantly, how are your clients feeling and talking about their experience with your brand? 

Together we will take a look at your customer experience journey and how it stays on brand. What is in line with your brand story and what we can adjust and edit. 

Your narrative is the tone you set for your client’s experience from awareness to purchase and their world after experiencing your brand. Last, we will weave in elements of your brand story and brand initiatives to create the experience your customers are seeking.

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