Power & Profitability Of Brand Stories

A pre-recorded webinar encompassing how to sell through storytelling

  • 45 minutes
  • Zoom Link

Service Description

This pre-recorded webinar encompasses so many fantastic lessons in learning how to sell through the art of storytelling while on brand! I have compiled my top 3 methods, a few great examples of my own personal and professional stories, explanations on how selling and storytelling go hand in hand, a few success stories of my clients, and how you can begin to apply my teachings to your business and gain more profits and loyal customers today! This webinar is for you if... *You are passionate and believe in the product/service you have created *You are an entrepreneur who has been struggling with increasing engagement, traffic, and profitability (especially since the Pandemic) *You are seeking a new way to connect with current clients *You are looking to connect with your ideal client in a more authentic way *You are interested in how "Branding", "Sales", and "Storytelling" can help bring your business to the next level Here are a few things to know before The Power And Profitability Of Brand Storytelling launches: *Please book with me personally and you will receive a link for payment!!! * The cost is $95. *This will be pre-recorded so you can watch from anywhere any time you would like. *I ask that you only use the link for yourself and please do not share with anyone else who has not connected with me.

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